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Finally , a change from plastic model dinosaurs...


Fossil collection kits come with introductory information sheets, and a timeline. Each individual specimen comes in a zip-lock bag with I.D. label.

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All specimens are FULL sized cast replicas from molds of the original fossils. They are not reductions or sculptures. We spent the last twenty years collecting the 14 skulls used in these collections (two in the Dinosaur kit & 12 in the Dawn of Life kit).

Our line of replicas are accurate down to very fine detail. They are colored in realistuc shades... fine enough for actual scientific research. They are excellent for classroom instruction or museum exhibition. Many fossil hunters use them for field identification too. Besides scientific accuracy, we have endeavored to keep our prices as low as possible.

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Dinosaur Fossil

Contains ten specimens:

  1. Baby Dinosaur Skull
  2. First known Dinosaur Skull
  3. Dinosaur Footprint
  4. Dinosaur Skin Impression
  5. Dinosaur Egg-shell Fragment
  6. Indo-cranial Brain Cast
  7. T.rex Tooth
  8. Allosaurus Tooth
  9. Camarasaurus Tooth
  10. Duckbill Dental Fragment
Dinosaur Kit with 10 Items

MB-01 MSRP...................$ 29.95   ph:(530) 721-2044

Dawn of Life Fossil Skull Collection

Contains twelve skulls:

  1. Pantylus (amphibian)
  2. Toosuchus (amphibian)
  3. Trimerorhachis (amphibian)
  4. Tersomius (amphibian)
  5. Captorhinus (early reptile)
  6. Oedaleops (pelycosaur)
  7. Suminia (mammal-like reptile)
  8. Thrinaxodon (mammal-like reptile)
  9. Euparkeria (dinosaur ancestor)
  10. Archeopteryx (early bird)
  11. Alligator
  12. Eubena (turtle)
Dawn of Life Kit with 12 Skulls

MB-02 MSRP...................$ 49.95   ph:(530) 721-2044

Medium a box

Contains fifteen specimens:

  1. The Berlin Archaeopteryx
  2. 1 specimen of Compsognathus (a tiny complete dinosaur skeleton)
  3. 5 specimen set of Pterodactyles
  4. 1 specimen of Coelocanth Fish
  5. An 18 inch Crocodile skeleton
  6. 1 specimen of Sharovipteryx
  7. 1 specimen of Mesosaurus
  8. 1 Turtle
  9. Coelophysis skull
  10. Eoraptor
  11. Alligator
  12. Dino egg nest (overaptor)
A few pieces from the Medium Kit

MB-03 MSRP...................$ 350.00   ph:(530) 721-2044

The "Everything" Super Museum Kit

For Jr. Museums, Science and Nature Centers and Jr. College exhibit halls. Contains fifty specimens:

  1. 5 Specimens of Archaeopteryx
  2. 3 Specimens eocine birds
  3. 5 specimens of Pterodactyles
  4. 3 specimen of Rhamphorhyuchis
  5. 1 specimen of Compsognathus (a tiny complete dinosaur skeleton)
  6. 1 specimen of Allosaurus (dinosaur 1/2 skull plaque)
  7. 5 specimens of Permian Reptiles & Amphibians (small skulls)
  8. 1 specimen of Crocodile
  9. 1 specimen of Coelocanth
  10. 1 specimen of Sharovipteryx
  11. 1 specimen of Icarosaurus
  12. 1 specimen of Mesosaurus
  13. 1 Dinosaur Fossil a box
  14. 1 Dawn of Life Fossil Skull Collection a box
A few pieces from the Super Kit

MB-04 MSRP...................$ 950.00   ph:(530) 721-2044

The Bird "Evolutionist" Kit

Contains fifteen specimens:

  1. 5 Specimens of Archaeopteryx
  2. 1 specimen of Compsognathus (the Chinese Bird: Conpuciousornis)
  3. 5 Specimens eocine birds
  4. 3 comparitive specimens (Bat, pterosaur, Gliding Reptile)
  5. Raptor claw
A few pieces from the Bird Kit

MB-05 MSRP...................$ 750.00   ph:(530) 721-2044

Archaeopteryx Set

Contains five specimens with Hangers:

  1. 5 Specimens of Archaeopteryx
2 of the Archaeopteryx

MB-06 MSRP...................$ 350.00   ph:(530) 721-2044

The Fossil Flyer Set

Contains eight specimens of pterosaurs, birds, gliders & insects:

  1. 3 specimens of Pterosaur
  2. 1 specimen of Bat
  3. 1 specimen of eocine bird
  4. 1 specimen of Sharovipteryx
  5. 1 specimen of Icarosaurus
  6. 1 specimen of Dragon Fly

MB-07 MSRP...................$ 179.00   ph:(530) 721-2044

Six Pack Pterodactile Set

Contains six specimens

  1. 6 specimens of Pterodactile
3 of the Pterodactile

MB-08 MSRP...................$ 195.00   ph:(530) 721-2044


Retailers can purchase kits wholesale. To qualify, store owners must purchase in case lots. MB-01 has 12 units per case. MB-02 has 6 per case. Discounts are 40%.

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