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We are primarily scientific--mold-makers, specializing in the production of paleontological replicas of famous museum fossil specimens. For the most part, our reproductions are of full skeletons in matrix slabs, however, we do feature several skulls which include seven dinosaurs. Two of these (Allosaurus and the duckbill Corythosaurus), are in the form of one-sided specimens designed for wall hanging. We will be adding another dinosaur later. Of the full skeleton slabs, you will find fossil birds such as specimens of Archaeopteryx and other more recent ones. Also several pterosaurs are stocked as well as a few odd pieces.

Our main thrust is in Educational Kits. MUESUM...in a box being our flagship offering. The initial production consists of two sets. (Dinoasur & Dawn of Life. We have a lot of specimens which are not mentioned in our on-line price list. Some are too big for normal UPS shipping without hazard of breakage, some are redundant. Some are too common as real fossils to warrant purchasing as castings. However, we will entertain any institutional requests regarding these items by telephone, if the customer can arrange for private transportation (or if the buyer lives in the greater Sacramento, California region, we can arrange for personal delivery). *such as a fabulous 5 foot Mosasaur with most of it's skeleton - $550.00, the kkolest couch wall-sconce you could ever get! Great museum piece.

Owned and operated by Phillip R. Langdon, who has had a life long interest in paleo-herpetology (the study of fossil reptiles and amphibians). The main focus has been on the dinosaur-bird connection. Our current focus in on Kits. Sets of related species such as: Early Amphibians, Pterosaur series, Fossil Bird series, & MUSEUM...in a box. A second focus is in the area of "living fossils" which is the study of still surviving life forms (such as the Tuantara, crocodilians and turtles (among other plants and invertebrates.)

Our line of fossil replicas have a tendency to reflect thoses interest, although we try to keep a balanced spectrum of specimens. The professional or advanced amateur specializing in these subjects will find many of the most important specimens of today. We are adding more all the time, and often we would rather trade for something new to us than sell.

PS (And... you teachers should obtain both of our MUSEUM...in a box sets.)

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Archaeopteryx Testimonial

Subject: RE: order delivered


Archaeopteryx arrived on Wednesday September 20, in excellent condition (great packaging job!). It's one of the most accurate casts that have ever been made from this "fossil of the millennium". I have seen many differet casts in several Eurpoean museums, but most of them are of poor quality: the material they are made from don't give them the real Solnhofen look and feel as the original, the color isn't accurate... the main problem with most casts is that they have tried to exagerate the Archaeopteryx features (the feather impressions, color of the bones...).

The casts you offer are true to the original, and are without doubt THE most accurate on the internet!

Kind regards.

Gunter Van Acker